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Happy Honk Car Horn for Southerners
Happy Honk: A "Polite" Car Horn for Southerners

“Happy Honk”: The Perfectly Polite Car Horn for Southerners

It’s polite in the way your mother “politely” explains to her friends why you’re not married with a family yet.

Sometimes you think about honking your horn, but a car’s horn is one of the most annoying sounds in the world, and sometimes just too aggressive for a minor driving annoyance.

Plus, with the South’s penchant for hospitality, sometimes we don’t want to be too mean and honk the horn. Some of us at least. You probably know a few people who will honk at a stop sign for being too close.

Well for those who would like to express their Southern hospitality — even through their car horn — look no further than “The Happy Honk.” It’s a car horn loaded with hundreds of southern phrases to “remind drivers that other people are behind them, and you have places to be.”

All of these phrases are polite, but polite in the way that your mother politely explains to her friends why you’re not married with a family yet.

Plus, when driving situations get really hairy, and you want to throw a “highway hissy fit,” with your purchase of “The Happy Honk,” you’ll receive the “Bless Your Horn” for free!

This is legitimately a great idea! Who all can relate?

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